LPC Associate Supervision

LPC Associate Supervision

Looking for an ethical, experienced, well-rounded supervisor who will prepare you for the counseling world?*

*Confirmed Masters Degree LPC Associate only. Due to the nature of my practice, I am unable to offer any positions for practicum students. I also do not allow students to sit in on the groups. Please scroll down for additional information about LPC Associate position.

Consider choosing

Lori Vann, M.A., LPC-Supervisor

  • Over 20 years of counseling experience in a variety of settings (inpatient, outpatient, non-profit, school district, private practice), in addition to experience as an international speaker, 5x author, and global media guest for TV, radio, podcast, and print.
  • Supervised LPC Associates since 2003 and on several preferred supervisor lists for universities, professional groups, and professional peers.
  • I am dedicated to providing the Associate with real-world counseling insights on topics such as:
    • Dealing with subpoenas
    • Possible ethical & legal issues that may arise in practice
    • Issues to consider when practicing in hospital settings, private practice, PHP/IOP, and non-profits
    • How to do a thorough initial evaluation that includes giving a diagnosis
    • Understanding CPT codes
    • How to become an insurance provider and fill out insurance paperwork
    • How to network and advertise yourself as a counselor
    • Filling in the graduate school gaps 

One of many things that makes supervision unique is that I incorporate lessons from my business coaches on how to run a business.  Associates learn about finding a niche, marketing techniques (what works and doesn’t), pricing of services, setting up a practice, and thinking like an entrepreneur with multiple streams of income so that you will be less stressed when one stream dries up due to pandemics, furloughs, or financial crises.

  • I counsel and supervise from an educational perspective while using a variety of theories, including cognitive-behavioral, DBT, REBT, and family systems. I see supervision as a collaborative effort where it is no longer a professor-student role, but more of a collegial, mentor/supervisor relationship.
  • If desired, supervision includes counseling perspectives from a Christian viewpoint.
  • Your one low monthly supervision investment includes: weekly sessions, handouts, networking opportunities, attendance of any in-person or webinar events that I host, and group supervision. Associates are able to earn up to 5-6 hours of supervision per month—all for a flat fee and not per session fee, which saves you money.
  • There is no fee for the initial meeting with me and the Associate does not start to pay the supervision fee until the Associate has received his/her license.
  • DIRECT HOURS: Associates can assist with the self-injury groups and earn up to 2 hours of direct client contact hours per month.  When appropriate, I also refer clients to associates.
  • INDIRECT HOURS: There are several opportunities for associates to obtain indirect hours through CEU events.
  • FEE ASSISTANCE: there are times when I provide opportunities for Associates to reduce their supervision fee through assistance with administrative work
  • SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Associates will be informed of Ms. Vann’s presentations throughout the Metroplex and, in most cases, will be able to attend them at no cost & obtain hours.  She regarded as an authority in NSSI and trains associates on how to best assist those who participate in this behavior.
  • OPPORTUNITY: Associates will have the option of putting together their own seminar, camp, or group under the direction of Ms. Vann.
  • I will prepare my associates to be ethical, well-informed, well-rounded counselors who serve this community and who are better able to protect themselves against potential lawsuits or complaints.


What Vann Wellness Group is looking for in a LPC Associate

  1. An ethical and moral foundation, in addition to regularly reading & following all LPC and BHEC Rules
  2. Accepts responsibility, is respectful of the supervisor-supervisee relationship, is organized, exhibits a commitment to time management, & follows through with recommendations, referrals, and chart corrections.
  3. A willing-to-learn attitude and willing to ask questions
  4. A dedication to the counseling profession and a desire for professional growth
  5. Someone who is willing to commit to at least 8 months of supervision
  6. An associate who does not want to settle for an “easy, uninvolved” supervisor who just signs off on their hours need not apply.  However, the Associate who is dedicated to being the best counselor that they can be and is willing to be challenged in order to become the best should immediately apply
  7. Someone that understands that not all supervision experiences are created equally and that just because something is free does not necessarily mean that the experience will help you reach your full potential as a counselor.
  8. An associate who wants to be well-rounded and able to practice in a variety of settings once they are licensed.

Steps to Becoming a LPC Associate in the State of Texas

  1. Masters degree in counseling or psychology and the potential associate has checked with the LPC Board’s list of required classes to verify that he/she has already taken the required courses. Do not assume that you have taken all of the required classes, you need to check the LPC Board’s list of acceptable & required classes. This is the most common mistake that associates make when applying for licensure and the reason why many associate licenses are delayed or denied.
  2. Successful completion of the Natl. Counselor Exam (NCE) and the Texas Jurisprudence Exam (go to LPC Board website and you can take it online).
  3. An interview with the potential supervisor and a contract setting out the terms of supervision will be completed.
  4. Documentation is prepared and sent to Austin for the issuance of a temporary LPC-Associate license. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the State to process the Associate’s application.

Offsite Supervision (Limited Availability)

  • Have Lori as an offsite supervisor–ask her about the numerous benefits of off-site supervision and the many lessons learned from other associates who had unfortunate experiences with on-site supervisors at hospitals, non-profits, and the private sector.

Two Options for Supervision are available (while spots last):

  • Have Lori as an offsite supervisor–ask her about the numerous benefits of off-site supervision and the many lessons learned from other associates who had unfortunate experiences with on-site supervisors at hospitals, non-profits, and the private sector.


  • I have an office for just 2 LPC associates to use to see clients. I would be your supervisor, we would meet weekly for individual supervision and at least every 5 weeks for group supervision. Like other counseling offices, associates will have to bring in a minimum amount of money in order to cover your supervision and the room cost before you would then start to earn a majority percentage of your client fees. Reimbursement is based upon a tiered incentive plan with reimbursement rates up to 70%.  You would be considered an employee of Lori Vann LLC.  I will help you with marketing, networking, and referrals, but associates are responsible for these things, too.


  • Supervision from an International Mental Health Media Commentator for Radio, Television, and Print media, Speaker, and 5x author with connections all over the Metroplex, the U.S., and Internationally
  • Access to a well-versed supervisor who has worked in a variety of settings from non-profit to inpatient and is recognized throughout the DFW area for her high standards of practice & knowledge base.
  • Up to 5 hours of supervision per month(the month has 5 weeks in it)
  • Training to be a well-rounded, professional, ethical counselor who also understands the business side of the counseling world
  • Attendance to Ms. Vann’s seminars and referrals from Ms. Vann
  • Access to Ms. Vann’s thoroughly crafted counseling forms & handouts
  • Ability to gain experience and hours by assisting with Ms. Vann’s unique self-injury support groups.
  • Introductions to numerous networking groups and professionals
  • Ability to be supervised at more than one location
  • All of this for only $350 a month.  Unlike others who may charge upwards of $100 per supervision visit, this is a flat fee.
  • Remember that free supervision is not always the best route; you get what you pay for and do you want to cut corners on being a prepared counselor that stays out of the Board’s Compliance Committee?  
  • Do you pick the cheapest doctor or do you pick the one who is experienced in the area that you need help with?  I have had several associates transfer to me from their ‘free, onsite’ provided supervisors because they were not receiving the level of training needed to prepare them for professional life post-internship.
  • Save hundreds of dollars, stress, and time by attending Lori’s CEU events that cover ethics, setting up a private practice, self-injury, perfectionism, and More!

Next Steps

  • For consideration, these steps must be followed or your application will not be considered.
  • First, send Lori a copy of your resume.  It needs to include when you completed your Master’s degree and when you have taken your NCE.  Include at least 3 references, one of which needs to be a former professor or supervisor.
  • Second, tell me in your e-mail in no more than 2 paragraphs why you want to be a counselor.
  • Third, what are your goals during your internship?
  • Fourth, what type of supervision did you have in graduate school?  Was it video, audio, in person, 2-way mirror, etc.?
  • Finally, why are you interested in pursuing supervision with me.
  • All five areas must be addressed for consideration.
  • Send to:  Resume and Question Submission

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