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There are few things that pain a parent more than seeing their child struggle and being unsure as to how to help them.

You see your child sitting at their desk for hours on end, working and re-working a paper or throwing away an art project because they can’t get it “right”. There have been times when you had to apologize for them not being able to attend an event because they haven’t been able to finish a project. You see the stress on their face.

There have been times when you have had to calm your child because they received a lower grade than they expected and they are devastated by it. They may have started to spiral into how their future was over.

Maybe you are frustrated with how they seem to wait until the night before a project is due and then work all night to finish it. The next day you have to deal with their tiredness or calling from school because they don’t feel well.

And their room! It seems like it is all-or-nothing, but they can’t maintain a balance.

Life is meant to be lived, but it breaks your heart when you know that they have so much potential but they keep turning down new opportunities to grow and challenge themselves. That bit of anxiety that you feel that maybe they won’t reach their full potential.

No one has all of the answers, and we know that the stress that students are experiencing in today’s schools is more than what previous generations deal with—6.0 GPAs, 1400+ SAT scores, overcommit to activities, cyber bullying, the skyrocketing cost of attending college with the desperation to get a scholarship to be able to attend, getting 6 hours or less of sleep most nights of the week, trying to make up for lost learning time from the lockdowns, and more!

What’s a parent to do to try to help their student…their child succeed in school and life?

What if there was a program that was targeted, based on over twenty years of clinical experience and research, which was easily understood, with quick tips and techniques that can have a meaningful impact on your student’s anxiety, mindset, and performance? How much would you invest to have the quality-of-life return to your household? Can you even put a price tag on your child’s health and happiness? When students are unable to do their best, it has a direct impact on all levels of their life, including physical, emotional, academic, spiritual, and social health.

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What you receive

The Total Value of this insight is priceless if it means changing your life, but if you were to pay for individual visits, the calls, handouts, and webinar individually, you would pay over $1900!

While many can understand the incredible value of this offering and that you can’t really put a price on your or your child’s physiological or psychological health, I do understand that even with all of the value that is included that $1900 is still an investment.

This is why I want to provide you and your child a special introductory opportunity.

This program is for your student if you want them to:
Unleash their abilities, free up time, increase resiliency, decrease stress, and be happier.
If you said “yes” then schedule an introductory call with Lori now to see how your teen will benefit from these insights, tips, and techniques. It’s time that your student found their Path to Happiness and future success.

Yes, but...

Even though I know that I am saving over 45%, that’s $500, it is still a lot of money.

  • $997 is a lot of money and missing out on this special and having to pay an additional $500 when you are still at your wit’s end because nothing has changed is going to be an even costlier decision.

Let's do a cost-benefit analysis.


Your child’s visits to the doctor for a decreased immune system due to stress, poor sleep, and unhealthy eating habits. One visit could be upwards of $200, but a child who repeatedly gets sick throughout the school year due to stress could end up costing you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, in addition to the medications and possible testing.


Going to a counselor who is not trained or experienced in perfectionism can lead to needing more visits than needed, which creates a cost of time and money. One counseling visit is between $100 to $150 a session. The minimum number of visits would be three up to 10+.



Your teen gets burned out with schoolwork and their grades drop. Summer school costs money and is an inconvenience.


Your teen does not know how to cope with their perfectionism and they turn to unhealthy coping skills, such as self-injury, substance abuse, eating disorders, or they start to experience suicidal thoughts because it is just too much for them to deal with.

The minimum potential financial cost of delaying investing in the Perfectionism Program could be $1000+.

If you said “yes” that you are ready for a change to happen in your teen’s life, then sign up for the Perfectionism Coaching Program Today.

The FIRST 10 People who want to take back control of their life will receive all of the above and the bonuses for over a 45% discount! Only the first 10 action-takers will be able to invest in their teen for only $997.

Mindset is Everything for our Kids
It’s harder than ever to be a parent and preserve their innocence, sweetness, and character while protecting them so they can grow into amazing adults. We are competing against YouTube, Tik Tok, friends that are bad apples, and sometimes a sense of entitlement.

As parents, we try to do our best, but it often feels like it’s too late.  The sooner your teen can talk it out and go deep into their inner unhappiness, the more they will grow.

You may have questions and that’s OK.
Chat with Your Teen’s Coach for Free to assess your teen’s specific needs and goals.

Special Introductory Offer

The FIRST 10 People who want to take back control of their life. You receive all of the above and the bonuses for over a 45% discount! Only the first 10 action-takers will be able to invest in their teen for only $997.

Once it sells out, the program will be $1497. Still a great saving, but why not save $500 NOW?!

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Bonus #1

Additional 15-minute Clarification Call

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Bonus #2

Early access to The Problem with Perfectionism book (release date summer 2023)

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Bonus #3

30-minute Life Mapping Session of where to go from here Bonus Value is worth $125!

Your teen needs your help to find the resources that they need to be successful and happier.

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*Up to 5 one-hour sessions, 40% discount applies to standard coaching fee of $220.

The Perfectionism Coaching program is not to be used in lieu of counseling nor is it to be construed as counseling advice, treatment, or recommendations.  Ms. Vann cannot diagnose any individual without conducting a counseling assessment.  Per licensing laws, she can only counsel and diagnose clients that reside in the State of Texas and for whom she has conducted a full Intake evaluation.  The Perfectionisms Coaching program makes no claims or guarantees of success and, as with any program, there is always the possibility that as various areas are addressed that symptoms may increase before they reside.  If behaviors or symptoms increase or become uncomfortable, then seeking counseling services may be recommended.  By purchasing and using this program, you acknowledge this information and will hold harmless Lori Vann Speaking, Lori Vann Industries LLC, Vann and Associates, Lori Vann LLC, her staff, and her heirs.